Wood slab furniture retain the nature edge of the wood, so they are also called as Live Edge Furniture.

Here are some of the reason why people love it:

Live Edge Furniture are designed to retain part of the original shape of the tree. They utilizes the unique curves and shape of the wood of the tree used. None of the furniture has an equal piece. They have a natural beauty look from their unique grains and knots.

2.Timeless Design
Live edge slabs as furniture are ageless. Wood slabs were used in Greek homes as day parlors and beds. Throughout history, wood slabs and logs were utilized to create practical furniture. These outlines are still stylish even now, so you don’t need to stress over being behind in current trends.

3.Custom-made to Fit Your Space
Live edge furniture are not specifically modern or contemporary. It isn’t limited to just the segment of modern, it is a raw wood, in a very real sense, which made it match with traditional settings if pair with wooden leg. This furniture fits easily and perfectly in all rooms and style.

4. High Quality
Live edge furniture is high quality. They made from durable strong hard wood. The slabs are properly dried before they are used.